What should I write?

  • A certain property is represented with a special color.
  • A certain property is represented by a special color.

Or maybe even "indicated with/by"? But the main point of this question remains: with or by?

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You would say it is represented by a certain color.

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    +1: Although I wouldn't say "with" is necessarily incorrect... just that "by" is preferred.
    – Adam
    Commented Feb 25, 2011 at 22:30

With and by signify 2 different meanings:


He was represented with his accomplices by the best lawyer available.


I think there is a difference in meaning.

by: something takes the place of and refers to something bigger, e.g., a country is represented by a flag or a team in an international competition.

with: an attribute with which something or someone is depicted, e.g., Saint Rita is represented with a bunch of flowers.

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