When I'm specifically not mentioning if its MS or MEngg degree. What is the correct way to say - pursuing master's/masters/Masters/Master's in Electrical Engineering and during my bachelor's/bachelors/Bachelors/Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering at Univ f Gotham?


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You only capitalize the master/bachelor part when you are giving the official name of the degree. Otherwise, no capitalization is required.

For example:

  • Master of Science, Electrical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature

But no capitalization in the following:

  • I'm currently studying to get my master's in electrical engineering at University of Gotham.

  • I attended University of Gotham for 3.5 years where I graduated with my bachelor's degree.


Going on to address the apostrophe issue, THEAO uses bachelor's degree and master's (an acceptable shortening of master's degree). Though this is not incorrect, the modern trend (try a Google search) is to drop the apostrophe from the 'associative rather than true' possessive construction (as in working mens club ).


I have two bachelors degrees and one masters (degree).

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