I'm writing a story for little children and would really appreciate some help with the following sentence:

"There was lots and lots of red, and lots and lots of blue."

Is that correct? Or should it be "there were"?


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When you are saying merely blue or red as an object rather than a modifier,'was'shall be used.

There was loads and loads of blue (colour) and loads and loads of red (colour).

However if there were an object that blue and red were modifying and the object was more than one in number, we would use 'were'.

There were loads and loads of blue books and loads and loads of red books.

The only time you would use a colour name in plural would be when referring to shades:

There were many greens to choose from. which is an informal way of actually saying There were many hues/shades of greens to choose from.

or in a metaphorical use of the colour.

I have the blues."

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