What do you call this type of food stand?

enter image description here

Like for using in a sentence:

On the front, the [...] displayed all kinds of sushi.


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The items in the picture are arranged on shelves. A shelf is a “A flat, rigid, rectangular structure, fixed at right angles to a wall, and used to support, store or display objects”. Terms like tray and rack may also be appropriate for the shelves.

The whole structure is (as Mari-Lou mentioned) a display counter, but might also be called a display case, and if it had a glass front, a vitrine, “A glass-paneled cabinet or case, especially for displaying articles such as china, objets d'art, or fine merchandise”.

To avoid used of display as a noun or adjective and as a verb, consider the verbs held and arrayed:

At the front, a display case held all kinds of sushi.
At the front, all kinds of sushi were arrayed for sale.
All kinds of sushi were arrayed for sale on shelves beneath the counter.


A food display counter

See Google images. As to whether you should simply call it a counter I'd go for, "the store counter" or the "delicatessen counter" images. You can't leave "counter" on its own, it becomes too generic. A counter is also the flat kitchen surface where you cook and prepare food.

As there are fish counters 1, meat display counters; confectionery counters etc. You could call it a "sushi counter".

In this website the display units on sale are called confectionery counters.

  • so since I already have the word display in the sentence, maybe I can just call it counter?
    – janoChen
    Dec 1, 2013 at 16:53

I would say it’s a display case.

I walked up to the food stand & looked at what was for sale in the case. Pickings were slim, but I did my best to find something that would tide me over for the next few hours. Long night ahead.

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