After searching product on website, should I show one of these?

There is no any product


There is no any products


Some people on Internet said that singular is used after uncountable noun and plural after countable one but I don't agree with that. I think singular should be used after "no".

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    Both are ungrammatical. No does not occur in construction with any; the determiner phrase is not any. Also, the verb has to agree with product(s), since this sentence has been There-inserted. So if it's plural, the verb should be are, not is. So don't show either of them. By the way, are you sure that everybody coming to your website understands what you mean by "product(s)"? – John Lawler Nov 22 '13 at 2:32

Plural. We use singular when there is exactly 1.

But your sentence is wrong, because you have used two determiners (no and any) to qualify one noun. I suggest:

No matching products found.


Neither is correct, but either "no products match your search" or "no product matches your search" would be a good replacement.

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