Do we use to along with help?

This book helps to improve our knowledge


This book helps improve our knowledge

Which one of these are correct?

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Help is one of the few lexical words which can be followed by either a bare infinitive or a to-infinitive. That means that both of those sentences are grammatical, but a native speaker would be more likely to use the second. The to-infinitive might be more likely when help has a direct object, as in This book helps us to improve our knowledge.

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While Barrie was writing his answer, I found a very interesting and seemingly complete explanation in this powerpoint about causative verbs

The verb help can be used with or without "to“, but many prefer it without to, especially in writing. Using “to” is more common in British English:

Help Jim (to) clean up the mess.
Our teacher helped us (to) practice singing.
Judy helped me finish my assignment. (preferred by many for writing)
Judy helped me to finish my assignment. (sometimes heard in speaking)

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