I'm writing a mock business plan for a translation company. Alongside the text they have to translate, there is some accompanying media, so they can pull more information out of the sentences (plurals, etc, that vary in languages)

I want to describe these additional media as context c(l)ues, but I'm not sure of the correct spelling. I've seen both used online.

Which version is the most correct?


If I understand you correctly I think you want 'cues'. A 'cue' is a prompt. Context cues would I assume be peripheral ideas and text that one could call upon.

A 'clue' is something altogether different and is something detectives follow when investigating a crime. e.g. 'The only clue they had to work on were some fingerprints on the door handle'.

  • Thanks, I thought it was that, I just thought about it too hard ^^ – Toshinou Kyouko Nov 19 '13 at 23:12

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