Wikipedia has a great definition of metonymy here, but I have a more specific question. The biggest user of NFL metonyms appears to be Gregg Easterbrook, writer of the Tuesday Morning Quarterback at ESPN.COM. Can I have a list of metonyms used in American Football, particularly the National Football League (NFL)?

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I can give you one. The gridiron refers to the playing field, and to football in a general sort of way as well.


2 a field for football, marked with regularly spaced parallel lines. • the game of football : [as adj. ] the national gridiron season . [NOAD]

Also, the football itself is called the pigskin. (Note: it's almost never used with the indefinite article, so be careful about calling it a pigskin.)


Canton: The Pro Football Hall of Fame. (The Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio.)

1265: The Green Bay Packers Front Office and Executives (Stadium and exectutive are offices located at 1265 Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay.)

Jersey/A and Jersey/B: The New York Jets and the New York Giants (Both play in The Meadowlands, a stadium located in New Jersey, not New York.)

The Hoodie: Bill Belichick (His typical attire on the sideline is a hooded sweatshirt.)

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