When writing out a phone conversation for the purpose of transcription or translation, is it correct to write:

1) Hey, Hi, Well... OR 2) Hey, hi, well...

I personally think 2, but others disagree... so just wanted to check.

Thank you!


When you write your example with commas, you're treating the three words like one sentence:

Hey, hi, well...

Typically, you don't capitalize words in the middle of a sentence unless (for example) they're proper nouns. That means the following is strange:

Hey, Hi, Well...

You would not typically capitalize hi or well in this example.

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2) would be correct if "Hey, hi, well..." is all from the same person. EG:

a: Hey, hi, well I have a question.

b: Hey Bob, sure, what's up?

a: I think I'm in love with your sister.

b: Oh. That's unexpected. You know she's married, right?


b: You didn't know she was married. Well, that's awkward.

If each alternating word is by someone else, then (as shown above) each word (sentence) should be on its own line, with proper (assumed) punctuation. EG

a: Hey.

b: Hi.

a: Well...

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  • It is the first case, where one person is speaking, and I have been changing it when I've been editing the conversations to #2. – Aka Nov 4 '13 at 23:48

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