Each page on my organizations web site is assigned a person that takes responsibility for the content of that page.

E.g. in the page footer

Page Responsible: John Doe

The current term used to denote this person is "Page Responsible" which does not sound like something you can say in English.

English however, is not my native tongue. Therefore, I ask you English Language & Usage, does the term "Page Responsible" sound ok to you? Or should something else be used, e.g.

  • Responsible for page content: John Doe
  • Responsibility for page content: John Doe
  • Page owner: John Doe
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    Page owner sounds the best in my opinion
    – mplungjan
    Oct 22, 2013 at 14:08
  • Why not just "Footer: John Doe", "Index: Jane Smith", etc.? Oct 22, 2013 at 14:51

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I'm a native speaker, and it doesn't sound okay to me. Although I don't think it's completely incomprehensible, it certainly takes some work to figure out what that string of words means.

To me, page responsible sounds like it's elliptical for "page [that is] responsible [for something]". But the page isn't responsible for anything; a person is, so that interpretation doesn't make sense. And since that doesn't work, I'm left guessing at what the relationship between the two words is.

Of your choices, page owner seems to fit best to me. Failing that, all the choices that come to mind are longer--person responsible for content on this page, for example. Your other options look fine, too. But personally, I'd stick with page owner, since it's concise and just as easily understood.


I have seen the term "focal" (short for "focal point") used for this purpose in recent years. If that's a bit trendy, "owner" would be a more traditional noun, in the sense that the person "owns" the responsibility for the content.


What about

  • Page Master
  • Page Manager
  • Page Director
  • Page Wrangler
  • Page Shepherd
  • Page Guru
  • Page Chief
  • Page Maven
  • Page Holder
  • Page Warden
  • Page Handler
  • Page Coach
  • Page Leader
  • Page Czar
  • Page Prince

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