I'm creating a web page (intranet) where administrators can add customers to scheduled "follow-ups" by phone (we'll call them in the future and ask how it goes). So I used google translate and the web to find a good word for my menu tab. When using Google Translate I got "follow-ups" as a suggestion. This don't seem appropiate enough to me, so is there synonyms or better word for my purpose? Or is it the right word?

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    We use follow-ups on our intranet and it works just fine. (In your case, the more specific callback will work, but our follow-ups can be by email, fax, or in person.) Anyway, the thing is you always write for an audience, and in your case, the audience is your own colleagues. So in point of fact, you can use whichever word you agree upon. Absolutely any word you like. Could be Jabberwocky, as long as it's understood. In fact you'd be well advised, rather than asking here, to ask your colleagues first. It might well be they already are using Jabberwocky (or follow-ups). – RegDwigнt Oct 20 '13 at 16:31

Perhaps callbacks

a return call

Also often found as call-back.


Follow-ups sounds okay, but if you don't like it then how about follow-up calls?

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