Could you help me to point out the differences in the following sentences. for me both sentences imply same meaning.

The Restaurant , offers a broad range of locally caught fresh seafood, prime steak and meat dishes

The Restaurant , offers a wide range of locally caught fresh seafood, prime steak and meat dishes

  • Remove the comma after Restaurant, and add one after steak. You could use local instead of locally caught; put a comma after local. As for wide versus broad, it depends on whether you see the range as being a parcel of land (if, use wide), or as a roadway (if so, use broad); the difference is only metaphoric. – John Lawler Oct 13 '13 at 3:18
  • Sir, if i use wide variety, does it more close to the context of the sentence. – KItis Oct 13 '13 at 4:18

As pointed out by in John Lawyer's comment, there definitely should not be a comma after "Restaurant" and nor should there be a space in front of a comma).

Apart from that, (as a Brit) I see absolutely no difference in meaning between the two sentences:

  • I perceive no difference between wide and broad in this context.
  • Nor do I perceive any difference between range and variety in this context. Personally, I do not think assortment (as suggested in another answer) is so appropriate in this context for reasons I find difficult to explain: it just does not seem so idiomatic.)

Being pedantic:

  • "Restaurant" should not be capitalised: it is not a proper noun.
  • You could say "other meat dishes", because "prime steak" is also a meat dish.
  • I think a comma after "steak" (as suggested by John Lawyer) would be desirable.

"wide range" seems more natural. The two words are synonyms: a river can be broad or wide. In your particular sentence, "wide range" is more commonly used.

A Web search for "broad range" turns up nothing useful; "wide range", at least hundreds of hits.

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