I am writing a study proposal broken into three sections. The third section will cover "what I hope to learn," which is not the greatest phrasing for a section. Alternative suggestions would be appreciated.

Document breakdown:

  • Problem Statement
  • Measurement
  • What I Hope to Learn <-- Need better phrasing

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You could say learning expectations, learning aims, or learning goals. If the context allows it, you can also drop the word learning.


How about What I hope to learn - sorry, that's just my dislike of random capitalisation showing through ;)

Things that cross my mind, depending on what you're going to put in the section:

  • Desired outcomes
  • Hypotheses
  • Expectations
  • Introduction (this would require that the section be put at the beginning. When I write a paper or similar, what I hope to learn goes in there.)

What about:

What I Expect to Learn


Expected Outcomes

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