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I like to use the abbreviations "w/" for "with" and "w/o" for "without" on my powerpoint slides and also in emails. According to this discussion Are "w/o", "w/", "b/c" common abbreviations in the US? the meaning of these abbreviations is well known in English speaking countries.

Recently, a colleague pointed out that these abbreviations do not look very professional on slides presented at some conferences. Since we are both non-native speaker, I'd like to know your opinion on using them on slides, does that look awkward or non-professional to native-speakers?

(I am working in natural sciences, if this matters)

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As a native English speaker, those abbreviations seem inappropriate for use on a Powerpoint presentation. Mostly, it just looks lazy and sloppy. I tend to leave abbreviations such as the ones you have mentioned for instances that require shorthand, such as personal notes and emails.

  • Correct. Also, usage of words is a sign of a poor PowerPoint presentation. – Tucker Jun 17 '16 at 8:47

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