An article in this month's Monocle, discussing elections in Chile, referred to anti-Pinochetistas:

The vote was attended by a throng of cheering anti-Pinochetistas.

I am wondering how the word should be pronounced and formed:

  1. Pinochetista with a silent T, as one would pronounce Pinochet? (Pee-no-shay-ee-stah)

  2. Pinochetista with an articulated T, avoiding an awkward diphthong? (Pee-no-shay-tee-stah)

  3. Pinochista, formed like "Francista", the followers of Francisco Franco, by removing the last syllable "-et" and appending the suffix "ista": Pee-no-chee-stah


His name is Pinochet [auˈɣusto pinoˈtʃet], - the t is silent in French but not in Spanish.

So I would suggest Peenotjetistas

Wikipedia: Spanish pronunciation: [pinoˈtʃet]; North American English: /piːnoʊˈtʃɛt/, Commonwealth English: /ˈpiːnoʊʃeɪ/). Pinochet pronounced his name with a silent t, but it is common for the /t/ to be pronounced by Spanish-speaking Chileans.

A Spanish colleague told me that pronouncing it in French is considered pretentious

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    Even if you do pronounce his name with no t, the derived form should surely have one, just as in ‘debut’ (no t) vs. ‘debutant’ (with t). – Janus Bahs Jacquet Oct 9 '13 at 10:01
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    After speaking with some South Americans, they intuited that the last syllable of his name might be dropped when appending the suffix. Thus, "pinochistas". I amended my question to also include the formation of the word. – tylerharms Oct 9 '13 at 10:52

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