I'm looking for the right word to describe a company which takes photographs and captures videos and edits them for its clients [in exchange for money].

I first came up with "Advertising Company" which is too much general for this purpose, and then "Multimedia Company" or "Media Company" which I'm not sure if that's the right word or not.

  • Photographers mainly use a studio which is often incorporated into the name. Most of the production companies are collectively referred to as studios. Does that work? – GreaseMonkey Oct 8 '13 at 14:07

I think you're close... In my experience I have seen this usually as a company name detailing specific services or else simply a person's name.

Some suggestions:

  • Manoochehr Multimedia Services

  • Manoochehr Photography

  • Manoochehr Digital Media


Creative Agency Design Agency Marketing Agency

Depending on the level of involvement these are the companies in the general realm of what you're talking. Truthfully the difference between the three is splitting hairs. But they're responsible for Graphics, imagery, media, and perhaps even strategy around presenting a corporation or a product to the public.

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