What is another word for a person who likes to talk too much. I was thinking bigmouth, but bigmouth could mean "somebody who likes carrying messages voluntarily".


The word is chatterbox, but it's rather informal. The second part of your question is not about English, but the answer is probably 'No'.


Someone who talks too much can be referred to as:

  • blabbermouth
  • squealer
  • windbag

If you need an excuse to end the flow of words and pay someone a compliment at the same time, I offer this suggestion. There's no guarantee the talker won't be offended, but if said in the right tone of voice and with charm, you might get away with it.

"I could listen to you for hours on end, it's such a pleasure to meet someone who is so loquacious but unfortunately, I have an urgent appointment/meeting which I have to go to."

If however; you only need to interrupt this person, try saying:

  • "Could I just interrupt you and say... "
  • "If I could just stop you there and add... "
  • "I absolutely agree with everything you said so far and I'd like to mention... "
  • I was looking at this answer, and I thought to myself "How weird. It's totally off-topic" And then I looked back at the OP's edits. In the original version, the questioner specifically asks: "Is their (sic) a way to stop / pause somebody from talking without hurting sentiments".
    – Mari-Lou A
    Oct 28 '14 at 17:11


Gascon if you are not in France.

Popinjay if you are not in Spain

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