Only if we end the One-Party despotism of the commi shall we rebuild our social base for democracy.

It is only if we end the One-Party despotism of the commi that we shall rebuild our social base for democracy.

I wrote these two sentence myself.Suppose I want a provocative effect, which sentence suits my purpose better? If the two are equal as far as my question is concerned. Then is there any other nuance between them?

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The meaning is more or less unchanged by the addition of 'It is'. Both convey the desired provocative effect.

One nuance I have noticed is that the first sentence passes as 'E-Prime', whereas the second does not. The nuance here is that use of the verb 'to be', (in the form of the word 'is' in this example), conveys a slightly more rigid and dogmatic meaning. This in itself can prove provocative, but then so can the less dogmatic approach of E-Prime, which is why it gained popularity amongst Guerilla ontologists such as Robert Anton Wilson. It partly depends on who you are trying to provoke and why.


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