I have come across both make and do with the noun experiment.Are there any differences in meaning?



To perform an action, we use Do and to create something, we use MAKE

1) Do your homework

2) Do the dishes

3) Do me a favour

4) Do the laundry

5) Do your job.

1) Make a plan

2) Make an observation

3) Make a suggestion

4) Make an observation

5) Make breakfast

If an experiment is given in any book and you are just checking it in practical, then you can use "Do the experiment".

But, if you have done any research and want to demonstrate it via experiment, then you can use "Make an experiment" as your experiment will derive results that you actually want to demonstrate.

E.g: Teacher asked students to do the experiment practically in the lab.

E.g: I made an experiment to show that water contains oxygen and hydrogen. Hope this helps!!

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    I made an observation that you somehow listed make an observation twice.
    – RayLuo
    Jul 28 '20 at 18:22

I believe the proper word would be perform. 'Do' would be acceptable as a permutation of 'perform', for more casual usage. Definitely not 'make', though.

  • OP wants to know difference between make an experiment and do an experiment. He doesn't ask for the suitable word ...
    – Sweet72
    Sep 25 '13 at 19:05

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