I'm programming a web application and I need to name the "class of things" that are notes and coins.

So far the best I could find was "currency piece".

Is that the correct way of naming the notes and coins of a currency? Are there any alternatives?


I would go with cash, which is defined by NOAD as “money in coins or notes, as distinct from checks, money orders, or credit: the staff were paid in cash | a discount for cash


I have been faced with the same dilemma for a day now. I deal with objects that I create in a database in a parent-child relationship.

With this in mind, I have named the table containing this collection


Under currency, the parent, we have denominations, which is the various "units of value" that a currency is sub-divided into. Under denominations we have the types of denominations.

I realize this is not a one word solution but I believe it will serve the need.

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