For example, someone who writes "I chose to study biology and chemistry at school because I am going to become a doctor after graduating."


Perhaps presumptuous

characterized by presumption or tending to presume; bold; forward

Presume is defined as

to take (something) for granted; assume

You also may consider

  • pushy
  • forward
  • bold
  • arrogant
  • rash
  • audacious
  • conceited
  • foolhardy
  • overconfident
  • bigheaded
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  • Thanks, I thought of presumptuous too, but the OED defines it as "failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate" which is not quite what I had in mind. Your other suggestion, "overconfident", sounds closer to the mark. – Klitos Kyriacou Sep 11 '13 at 22:02

How about overconfident given that the dictionary definition of the idiom implies being extremely (or hastily) hopeful about a future occurrence.

overconfidence (noun)

excessive confidence, boldness or sureness of yourself excessive confidence, sureness or trust (in something)

(adjective) overconfident

excessively confident

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