I know not if I will ~

What does it mean? What is I know not if I ~?

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  • Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone / Feeding her flock near to the mountain side. / The shepherds knew not, / they knew not whither she was gone, / But after her lover Amyntas hied, / Up and down he wandered / whilst she was missing; / When he found her, / O then they fell a-kissing. – tchrist Sep 11 '13 at 3:41

"I know not ~" is an alternative form of "I don't know ~". Thus, "I know not if I will embrace those tomorrows" is simply "I don't know if I will embrace those tomorrows".

Another sentence with a similar structure (but with much simpler subject matter):

I don't know if I will eat the cake nor if I will enjoy the cake, yet the chocolate frosting looks delicious.

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