I'm currently rebuilding a website for a client. On their website, the tag-line reads

"Specializing in Manufactured Housing Communities"

Is this grammatically correct? In my opinion,

"Specialists in Manufactured Housing Communities"

sounds better. If it is grammatically correct, however, I'll leave it how it is.


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To me specializing in manufactured housing (as in some field of activity) sounds fine. Specializing in communities sounds a little bit weird to me. But as @TrevorD pointed there's nothing wrong with using specialists in. There are many results on Google saying something like

'Specialists in General Surgery' (http://sgsmn.com)

'Association of Consultants and Specialists in Restorative Dentistry' (http://www.restdent.org.uk)

  • They are a real estate firm. If that makes a little more sense.
    – BGundlach
    Sep 9, 2013 at 20:14

Specializing in sounds better.

Unless the specialists are actually inside the manufactured housing community.


To my British ear, either sounds fine, but I would say that Specialists in is probably more common in the UK. It reads in the sense of:

[We are] Specialists in [a particular trade, area of work, field of activity, etc.]

There is absolutely no implication (as suggested in another answer) that "the specialists are actually inside the ... community".

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