What do coffee flights and six-seat bar mean in the following post?

The Orange County Register is now reporting that 39-year-old Duggan plans to open a slow bar adjacent to Portola, offering coffee flights and food pairings. “There are three other concepts like this that I know of in the country,” Duggan told the paper.

Here’s a description from Register reporter Nancy Luna:

Taking the craft coffee craze up a notch, Duggan plans to launch a “slow bar” called Theorem later this month. The six-seat slow service coffee bar, adjacent to Portola, will sell creative cocktails where coffee is the main component.

[emphasis added]


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A "six seat bar" is exactly what it sounds like: a bar (i.e. where the bartender is) with six seats (barstools) at it. A "flight of coffees" is a sampling of several different coffees (in separate cups). Cf "flight of beers."

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