This sentence below is using V-ing in two different ways. It says "population enjoying" and "standing at".

The number of Internet users expanded nearly fivefold, with the proportion of the world's population enjoying Internet access now standing at nearly thirty per cent.

I'm so confused about the way this sentence is using V-ing.

  • It's a hard sentence to parse. Try "... with the proportion of the world's population (that enjoy Internet access) standing at nearly 30%" Or, taking out all the extras, it becomes: The number of users expanded, with the proportion now standing at 30%. – Jim Aug 15 '13 at 3:54

You need to read up on participles.

Present continuous action:

She is painting the door.

Present participle describing the skill of painting.

She is very good at painting.

Present participle describing the result of the act of painting.

This is a very good piece of painting. It is an excellent piece of art.

Her painting the door is inconveniencing everyone who needs to get through the hallway.

Her needing to paint the door during lunch time demonstrates her inconsiderate attitude.

The present participle can be used to turn a verb into a (complex) noun:

Her {noun} is very noisy

  • Nancy's {black dog} is very noisy.
  • Nancy's {barking dog} is very noisy.
  • Nancy's {dog's barking} is very noisy.
  • Nancy's {dog barking} is very annoying. She is annoying everyone by frequently barking like a dog.
  • Nancy's {ice-cream habit} is very noisy.
  • Nancy's {slurping} is very noisy.
  • Nancy's {ice-cream slurping} is very noisy.
  • Nancy's {dog barking at night} is now occupying 30% of my sleeping hours. Her dog is annoying.
  • Nancy's {dog-barking at night} is now occupying 30% of my sleeping hours. Her {barking like a dog} is preventing me from having proper sleep.

enjoying = participle; turning = present continuous verb:

  • The world's {population enjoying internet} is turning me into a 30% nut-case.

There are other forms of participles:

  • The recently {promoted} sergeant is getting married.
  • The recently {blessed} saints will inherit the earth.
  • {Blessed} is the man who sells all that he has to buy the field, to possess the rare pearl he found in the field.
  • {Blessed} are the geek, for they shall inherit the world wide web.
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  • Thanks for your guidance. @Blessed Geek, Can i ask your more question : What the verb can be use as the "participles" – BinhPHT Aug 16 '13 at 1:29
  • I don't understand your question. – Blessed Geek Aug 19 '13 at 6:16

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