What is the difference between rotation and revolution?

I don't find any difference between the two words from the meanings I read about them. Both words have the same meaning: moving in a circle around an axis.

But just because the dictionary definitions are the same doesn't mean they are exact synonyms. Is there a more precise description to show a difference? Or are they really exact synonyms?

revolve verb
[no object] move in a circle on a central axis:
   overhead, the fan revolved slowly

rotate verb
1 move or cause to move in a circle round an axis or centre:
[no object]:
   the wheel continued to rotate

[Both ODO]

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    revolution is when an object moves around something rotation is when an object moves around its own axis. think of a yoyo, when u do around the world trick u are doing a revolution around your body, when you are spinning the yoyo it is rotating. Commented Aug 13, 2013 at 19:20

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In mathematics, rotation is any angular movement or translation - so a sphere might be rotated on its axis, or around another object or point in space.

In astronomy, a distinction is made between an object's turning around its own axis (rotation) vs. its movement around another body (revolution).

Apart from these fields, both words are pretty much synonymous; except that there are some common uses that are not generally used interchangeably, e.g.:

"He rotated the map to see it the right way up"

"The engine does 10,000 revolutions per second"

Another sense is when the location of three or more objects are exchanged in a more-or-less circular fashion, e.g. "rotate the tyres on your car"

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Rotation: is some act of rotating along axis. Its a single complete turn along axial or orbit. here object have same distance from its center at any location. Revolve: is a motion or movement in orbit or circular path. here distance may be different on different point of time and/or location as object does not move along axis.

Reference: Wordweb Dictionary


When people say "rotate," they usually mean turning around in circles, like the wheels of the car would. On the other hand, when people say "revolve," they usually mean that an object moves around another. For example, Earth revolves around the Sun, since Earth is moving around the Sun.

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