I want to review my vocabulary by checking the longman list of most spoken and written words from 2000 to 3000 (from 1 to 2000 I assume I know). Here I found the complete list:


I wanted the 2000 to 3000 separated from the other ones.

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To select words in the range 2000-3000 from that list, you can first copy all the entries into a text file, and then select all the relevant S3 entries into another file.

To copy all the entries into a text file, press control-a in the PDF file, then click the middle mouse button in a text-editor window (that is, a program-editing-editor window, not a word-processor window). (On some systems you might need to instead press control-c and control-v, or might need to select Copy and Paste from right-mouse-button drop-down menus or from application menus.) Then save the text file, eg in longman-3000.

To copy relevant S3 entries into another text file, enter a command like

egrep 'S3$|S3,' longman-3000 > longman-2000-3000

On my system, longman-2000-3000 ends up as a file with 999 entries in it, beginning and ending as follows:

absence n S3, W2
acceptable adj S3, W3
account v S3, W2
achievement n S3, W2
worse adv S3, W3
wrap v S3
writer n S3, W2
youngster n S3

  • Yes, the counts are odd. S1=997, W1=998; S2=1000, W2=1000; S3=999, W3=999. – tchrist Aug 4 '13 at 16:19

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