Please tell me the difference between these two questions:

  • how
  • how so

Do those two mean the same thing?

If they do not, please explain with examples.

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    What is the context? There is no way to answer the question the way it stands now, because we do not know what you mean by ‘how (so)’; they can both mean many things given different contexts. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Aug 4 '13 at 12:16

The difference is that How so? is more of an answer than a question and can only be used as a response to another person. It can't be used as part of a wider question, whereas How is extremely versatile:

How are you / How many stars in the sky / How do you make butter from milk etc

Both phrases can be used as an answer to a statement. How? is a straightforward request for information:

How (are you going to do that/go there/meet him)?

However, answering How so? implies a slight measure of disbelief or disagreement:

"You'll never get abroad next year, you haven't saved enough money"
"I'm going to get there anyway, you'll see."
"How so?"

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