A creaking metalic sound came from the door, awakening Erin. She raised her eyes and looked to the front. Someone was opening the elevator. Erin waited expectantly for a moment, and after a few pulls, the door clanked open.

I pretty sure I should be using different verbs instead of pull and clank. But I can't think of any. The first should refer to "applying force with a lever" and the second to "opening a door with a loud sound".

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    Some points in no particular order. 1. These are two unrelated questions in one. 2. Pull is not a verb here. 3. We can't possibly know which words you should be using there, as 4. these words are perfectly fine in the first place. 5. To look up synonyms, use a thesaurus. This site is not a thesaurus. Thank you. – RegDwigнt Jun 23 '13 at 14:43

The word heaves would imply greater effort than pulls.

Clank is probably not such a bad choice, since it implies a loud metallic sound, but you would need to use clanked to match the tense in your sentence.

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