I'm looking for a synonym for "working on" in this sentence. I feel like there has to be a more concise way than to say "Joe has contributed a lot while working on Project X, Y and Z". Joe has worked on many projects and I am trying to highlight a few specific ones he did very well on.


One phrasing I might use is "while participating in Project X", especially if it were a public/semi-public/open-source project. Other options include "as a part of Project X" and "as a member of Project X".

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  • While @RegDwight's suggestion was more concise, I decided to accept @chaos' answer because he gave me several options to choose from and I can use some of them in other scenarios. At any rate, thank you both! – PFrank Feb 7 '11 at 17:18

Well, if you're looking for a more concise way, how about simply saying:

Joe has contributed a lot to Project X, Y and Z.

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