What does run around doing something mean?

For example:

I can't see any reason to run around deleting the recovery partition.

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To run around doing something is to do it recklessly or haphazardly, or to flit about while doing it. Go around is related:

You can't just go around telling everybody what to do.

And both are often used in reference to doing something without paying attention or considering the consequences:

I can't see any reason to be so reckless as to delete the recovery partition.


It's probably a metaphor for wasting energy doing something.


The meaning of run around (with) is the same of run with: to proceed (with).

I can't see any reason to proceed deleting the recovery partition.

  • No, it's more than that. I think Joel Spolsky has the right answer.
    – Colin Fine
    Feb 7, 2011 at 17:57

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