I'm writing a paper on data strategy for large corporates. In this paper I define 4 levels of maturity on the path to a Google-like nirvana state where corporate, client, user, and other data is managed strategically to deliver true business benefit.

My four levels are:

  • Data Debt Despondency (or Doldrums)
  • MIS Mediocrity
  • BI limited benefit
  • Data Exemplar/Luminary/Doyen (not sure about this name yet.)

For completeness, MIS = Management Information Services and BI = Business Intelligence - both jargon for types of software solution designed to extract business benefit from data.

I like the alliterative nature of the first two names, and so I'd like to follow that example for the 3rd and 4th levels too, if I can.

My question is, can someone suggest 1 word that means "limited benefit"? Bonus points if it starts with a B and double bonus points if you can also suggest a nice alliterative name for the 4th, nirvana level.

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Benefit itself fits the scheme well. You don't need to qualify it or use a more specific word if it's clear from context (the second & fourth tiers) that it's better than mediocrity but less than perfection.

For the fourth tier, if you want an actual nirvana metaphor, consider using Dharma – but check first with somebody more knowledgeable about Buddhism to help judge whether it's accurate and inoffensive.


Limiting it to something beginning with B is making it tougher, although I can see that you want to complete the set! BI Bestowal - that's as close as I could think immediately with bestowal meaning "a gift presented..."

You could also use BI Belief as this allows you to interpret it as you will - some believe BI is amazing, but belief is not fact...

  • Belief has merit. I also considered "betterment" but it doesn't quite cut the mustard. I'm happy to forgo the alliteration if the word is particularly cool.
    – Brad
    May 21, 2013 at 17:09

Consider “blocked benefit” or “borderline benefits”, and “data deity”.


I agree with @bradd-szonye Benefit itself is sufficient for your purpose.

Unfortunately he is wrong on the Dharma part. Dharma is more akin to what's called destiny or divine duty (the concepts are not distinguishable in the East).

Suggestion: Delight (nothing better than simplicity...although there's an off chance that someone may take it for an ice-cream flavor)

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