I see both "on Windows" and "in Windows" on the Internet. I'm wondering which way is the correct way? Or maybe they have different meanings?


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I would say on Windows because I always imagine the question to that answer as: "On what operating system are you running?"

"I'm running in Windows" doesn't sound correct to me. You might find the specific command 'Run' though, which can be referred to as "Where is Run in Windows 7?" (you get lots of hits from googling that!), which is synonymous to "Where is the Run command in Windows 7?"

"I'm running on Windows" however just rings perfectly, and shortened 'on Windows'.

  • "On what operating system are you running?" This doesn't sound right. It sounds like the operating system is a road or a track that you're physically running on. Wouldn't "On what operating system are you running it?" or "... running the software?" be more correct? Also: "I'm running the software on Windows." and "I'm running Windows [on the computer]." (the OS is also a type of software)
    – ADTC
    May 6, 2018 at 15:33

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