What is the meaning of the word “knobbie” from Words and phrases http://www.wordandphrase.info/ enter image description here

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All of the reference are to bicycles.

  • ...miniature mountain bikes, they're complete with hand brakes, knobbies and aluminum rims.
  • And when you're talking rolling resistance, they've got knobbies beat by a country mile.
  • ...the course: racing slicks for roads, off-road knobbies for rugged hills.

The last gives it away: the word refers to knobbled tyres, as opposed to "slick" (smooth) tyres. It's jargon, but easy to see that it's related to the listed adjective knobby:

Full of, abounding in, bearing, or covered with knobs or protuberances; knotty. [OED]

Here's a motorcycle/motocross version from a Google image search for knobbies. Bikes would have smaller knobs on.

enter image description here [Adventure Rider]

There's a Wikipedia page too.


This is an informal variant of knobby tire.

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