It grew to my attention lately that I've read multiple authors using the expression "this very" like:

  • I will be writing on this very blog
  • I recommend going to this very restaurant

What's the value of using "very" on these sentences and what is the difference if we replaced "very" with "particular" ?

Note: My native language is Arabic.


The word very is used as an adjective to put emphasize on what you're talking about in particular and that you're not referring to something else. Another synonym is actual.

He had been saying those very words for weeks.

Particular can also be used in this sense. You cannot replace very with particular in any case but in your examples it's possible without changing the sentences' meaning since very emphasizes that you're referring to a particular [=known thing because, e.g., has been mentioned before] blog or restaurant.


You use "particular" when you want to emphasize on the "type/nature" of the subject you are referring to whereas "very" doesn't emphasize on any specific type of the subject, it depicts your strong emotion towards a particular thing..

Hope it helps

  • Thanks. I think 'strong emotion towards a particular thing' got to me clearly. – Ahmad Alfy May 7 '13 at 12:30

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