I have asked various online dictionaries about the translation of the German word Folgeverhalten.

At these dictionaries it is translated as "subsequent behaviour" or "following behavior". I am in doubt that this is the correct translation because the example that are given there seem to target another domain.

I will use this term the field of control feedback systems (engineering). I would describe this as the "control feedback quality of a step response".

Google did not help, either. Perhaps I'm using the wrong search terms. I also read some English literature about this topics, but I could not find the English counterpart of it. Is there one at all?

Same applies to the german word Störverhalten (also term in control feedback)

What is here the correct translation of Folgeverhalten and Störverhalten?


Based on the answer of mplungjan I found the translation.

  • Tracking performance — Folgeverhalten
  • Disturbance rejection performance — Störverhalten

It is for example used here: http://www.mathworks.de/de/help/slcontrol/ug/tune-pid-controller-to-balance-tracking-and-disturbance-rejection-performance.html

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I found this dictionary which be helpful


Störverhalten was found as Fault response

I found that Espacenet + google patent translate has several translations depending on context, but behaviour seems to be the word

Somit ist ein Folgeverhalten des tatsächlichen Kraftstoffdrucks in Bezug auf den Sollkraftstoffdruck verbessert.

translated into

Thus a result of the behavior of the actual fuel pressure is improved in respect to the target fuel pressure.


Nachteilig an der Steuerung ist aber, dass man nur dann ein optimales Folgeverhalten erreicht...

translated into

A disadvantage of the controller is that it only achieved an optimal tracking behavior when

(italics are mine)

  • When googling "consequential behavior" I would assume to get some results for control feedback. But I didn't. "Consequential behavior" seems not to be the correct translation. But "Fault response" is fine. Thanks
    – ToBe
    Apr 15, 2013 at 8:19
  • 1
    Thanks a lot. The single word "Tracking" seems the word I missed as keywords in google. I found that "Tracking performance" is even more used than "tracking behavior" that would also be fine. By having the term "Tracking Performance" I also found "Disturbance Rejection Performance" as translation for "Störverhalten".
    – ToBe
    Apr 15, 2013 at 9:42

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