I would like to post a screenshot of my upcoming app. What is correct to say, "sneak peek on" or "sneak peek at"?

  • Here is a sneak peek on my app for iPhone.
  • Here is a sneak peek at my app for iPhone.
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    In the spirit of Teach a man to fish..., I'll say this: Once you learn how to use Ngrams, you won't need to ask a question like this one quite so often. Also, you should check out English Language Learners where a question about "which preposition is more appropriate" is more likely to be well-received. – J.R. Mar 22 '13 at 7:36
  • @JR ngrams for preposition use? To catch a mouse? But yes, ELL is here for the beginners. – Kris May 25 '13 at 13:22

Here is some info from the Oxford online dict:

Sneak: adjective [attributive] acting or done surreptitiously, unofficially, or without warning:
Peek: noun a quick or furtive look: she sneaked a peek at the map

So, since its a look, I would recommend using 'at' with it rather than 'on'. And also, googling around is always a good idea to find ans. We really learn a lot. And for your app sentence, you'd want to use of as an option.

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Consider using of:

  • Here is a photograph of my dog.

  • Here is a sneak peak of my iPhone application.

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