I don't know I whether I need to use unabridged version or unedited version for a radio podcast. Please explain the difference.

Also, is "said" the right word in the clause below?

"As he said in unabridged/unedited edition,...".


There's a distinct difference between the two words. All abridged editions are edited because they've been shortened, which is what abridged means. However, not all unabridged editions are necessarily unedited. Sometimes an editor adds words, and sometimes an editor subtracts words. To edit something is merely to change it in some way, not necessarily to shorten it.

ANSWER: Therefore, if you are referring to the original published version, the one that hasn't been shortened, you must use the unabridged edition [You need the definite article "the"]. If you are referring to the author's original and unedited manuscript, you can refer to the unedited manuscript but not the unedited edition (using edition implies that it was published, but unedited work is usually not published commercially). "Said" is fine; you don't need to say wrote.

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