I am offering membership of my web page and now I have these:

One Month

I am not sure about One Month, maybe I should write Monthly? Do these membership names fit together?


We offer the following membership choices:

1 month

6 months

12 months


  • The ideal answer - all options in the same format (I'd say detached nominal pre-modifiers, as in 6 months(') membership), and as clear as crystal. Mixing detached nominal pre-modifiers and adjectives was never going to sound too hot. – Edwin Ashworth Jan 29 '13 at 9:14

I would choose either: 1 month 6 months 12 months Lifetime

or Monthly (or month-to-month) Semi-Annual Annual Lifetime

with the difference for me being, the first group is a one-time payment/subscription which expires at the end of the time period chosen. The second (to me) could automatically renew every month/six months/year, or alternatively could suggest a contract set-up, where you may pay every month, but you commit to pay for a year. [This is not a strict difference between the two groups, just a personal opinion.]

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