While reading the novel "One night at call center", I came across this:

He's such a loser who steals credit of others. Viroom, we must teach a lesson to this credit stealer.

Now, I just want to know the synonym or a word to call people who steal credit of others, as in if a person A has done a task, but person B poses to the world that it was done by him and takes the credit instead.


As a child, we called such people "glory hogs". That I haven't heard the term since suggests that it was regional slang, but the sense would be clear to people unfamiliar with the term, so it may still serve informally.


I am not sure if there is an exact match, but I would suggest hog.

  • He hogged the limelight by pretending the work was his.

The word hog has, among others, the following meanings:

  • A greedy person
  • An inconsiderate boor

As a verb, it could mean

  • To take or use selfishly

However, without the object limelight, the meaning may not necessarily be conveyed.

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