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Asking for feedback on a meeting summary.

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Asking for feedback on a meeting summary.

I've got to write a meeting summary, and amongst the recipient will be my boss. To ensure that I was accurate, I would like to ask for feedback from my recipient. I've got the following sentence:

In case of omission or mistake, please contact me.

The problem is that this sentence doesn't quite please me. I would have liked to use the word correction instead of mistake, but then it wouldn't have been in the same level, as there is omissions but there is a "need for corrections". Furthermore I don't like the "please contact me" although I don't have a better way to say what I want. I don't want to be contacted as much as I want any mistakes to be pointed to me.

It's at that point that I thought to myself, that there could be a standard formulation for such request. So first I would like to now, in a formal and polite context, would my sentence fit with my intent? And second, is there any standard formulation?