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How Many Diphthongs Are There In English?

I was talking to a person who said that there were only two. I think she said that the "ou" in house is one of the two.

I told her that the way the letter "i" is pronounced is a diphthong, and she said it wasn't. She said it was just one vowel, "i" and that that was that.

She said she studied phonics and was writing her thesis (on child development, I think) on this kind of stuff. She said her book said there were only two diphthongs and that I was wrong.

So, how many are there? I told her I think there are probably more like ten. I thought of six immediately, but she said they weren't diphthongs because her book didn't say they were.

  1. "i" in time
  2. "i" in bite
  3. "o" in bone
  4. "a" in bane
  5. "oi" in boink
  6. "ou" in house