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marynell/grammar/ declares that 'always' should never be used in clause-terminal position. I disagree, and prefer your version (2) for emphasis ('at all times' is certainly acceptable in terminal position, but sounds weak here.) A TESOL article states: 'At other times, for the sake of emphasis, we can put some [frequency] adverbs at the beginning or the end of a clause.' But it doesn't specify which.

There is no authority charged with rounding up those who bend (or even break) rules of English. However, without rules, language would be chaotic. There has to be a balance between observing rules and being free enough to express oneself as one wishes to. The first thing to do is make sure that we have the rules right, and that all grammarians agree they are rules rather than just guidelines. Then we have to be really clear that 'bending' a rule will in fact make the improvement we want rather than lead to loss of clarity, ease of reading, or elegance of style. Getting to the point where we have the necessary competence to do this takes years (I've been told). – Edwin Ashworth

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