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Alternative word for Karma, but when nothing is expected in return

I'm creating a monopoly style game that allows people to "win" in any of these 3 areas:

  • capitalism (traditional monopoly)
  • karma giving
  • Giving with no expectation of return

I'm having trouble coming up with an appropriate term for that last one... something appealing, and suitable for a persons private scorecard.

The idea that I want to convey is that there are 3 different ways to play the game... and you can switch from one mode to the other at any time. The last goal is similar to being an anonymous donor to a charity, or a giving to a homeless person without any fanfare.


I looked at the word Karma, and in doing so I found this critique of the word:

Karma alone is a dumb reason to do something for someone else

What is a better word for karma giving without expectation?