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Please answer these questions of mine -

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Need help? Have some questions that I may answer?
Is nobody answering your question? If you feel I may be able to answer any of your questions, mail me the link of your question. My mail ID is sandeepan (dot) nits (at) google's mail.

I like trying to answer those questions which are generally skipped by many highly reputated guys here lol. Sometimes they skip them because they don't have time to read long questions. I like attempting such questions and I think that could be my trick to earn reputation.

I am also active in many SE sites like programmers.SE, gaming.SE, onstartups.SE, etc. Send me questions!!

About me
I am a Software Developer/Designer from India. Here is my Brief Résumé on Stackoverflow Careers. Contact me at sandeepan (dot) nits (at) google's mail.

Other than programming I have deep interests in Human Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Social work and Scientific Research. While younger I had deep interests in Genetics, Astronomy etc.

I love computer games, especially FPS games on multi-player, cricket, music, racing and adventure.

I am a 24 years old guy and as time is passing by, I am gradually coming to realize that there are so many things to see and do in this beautiful world. I am afraid that a few years down the line I will repent over so many things I wished to do but could not do. However, I have started serious planning for all this.

comment “extension” or “relaxation” of last date?
Oh downvoter please explain why..
comment polite way to ask someone to be patient?
@Lynn - I don't want to be presumptive and so I am looking for an alternative way of asking. So, I am not looking for an alternative word for this "presumptive thank you".
comment What is a good adjective for something I do a lot?
thanks for your answer but I would like to have a generic single word which can be used for any activity (not only thinking). So, I need an adjective for "doing something a lot". e.g. "<that single word> footballer", "<that single word> thinker" etc. I want to write the word "thinker" next to that single word.