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comment Articles - When don't we use them?
Got it. Thanks!
comment Articles - When don't we use them?
Why the camera as opposed to a camera? We are talking about camera as a concept here, not some specific camera? Just trying to understand
comment Can I use “it” to refer to a person?
In many English works it is used in reference to a person as a way to show their low status. I.e. Cleopatra can call some random person "it" because she is a pharaoh and formally a goddess, and the person she talks about is total nothing compared to her (as seen in "Rome" the TV series). Obviously real Cleopatra didn't speak English. But I take it as an English way to express the difference in status and I assume it would be very insulting to call someone it, wouldn't it?
comment Should my child's name contain “Inn”?
Many common names with ancient origins have real meanings which would be perceived as stupid if translated into English. I.e. Mr. Strongandhealthy Smith would be ridiculed beyond any belief. But Mr. Valentine Smith is completely fine. Still it doesnt change the fact that kids with unusual/silly names will be ridiculed; parents do need to think more before comming up with "original" names. +1 for answer and +1 to jungjoon for asking
comment Origins of the gaming term “cheese strategy”
This explanation doesn't seem really convincing, but I haven't been able to find a better one yet. Probably it is true then.
comment A word for a person who expects other people to be like him
is there an equivalent in other languages?
comment “May not” — no choice vs. mere restriction
I do know what rule means. I am only interested why it is so, and if it is as ambiguous to native English speakers as it is to me. And what wording would mean different thing. Hence I am asking in English.SE
comment Is the word “savage” offensive?
Thank you. The closest equivalent of savage in my language is mildly offensive at best, and it depends on context as well, so I apologize if my example offended anyone.