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comment What's the word — an ironic situation
Oh, okay. I had a feeling you might have considered it, but I figured I'd take a shot anyway. I'll keep pondering. Hope you get some bites!
comment What does ‘cutting with’ mean in ‘someone is right there cutting with the rest of them’?
I find your comment/question a little hard to understand. Are you asking if my paraphrase is an example of normal American English? If so, then yes, my paraphrase is normal American English. I wouldn't use it in writing, however, because I find it a bit unwieldy and repetitive. I wrote it to help explain the original author's use of "cutting with." Stylistically, I prefer the original quotation's "freshman Republican Frank Guinta was right there cutting with the rest of them." I believe it is also a normal way of putting words in American English.