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I'm a professional 'full-stack' developer, especially interested in web applications, Java development and Linux based operating systems.

I contribute towards a small number of Open Source projects, balancing out my karma. :D

comment What do you call a blanket used for moving?
From my experience in the UK, I'd also call them moving blankets. As you called out, a furniture pad would usually refer to an anti-scuff device for chair legs and other similar applications.
comment A word for old-fashioned, dirty bar/place (spit-and-sawdust)
Also common to British English from my own experiences. I've visited many dives.
comment Is technical copywriting jargon or style?
I made no judgement as to whether or not jargon was perjorative. Only that overly technical terms that are not in general use outside a given profession could often be expressed in plain English.
comment Is technical copywriting jargon or style?
@horatio: Perhaps they aren't the best examples, but there are plenty of terms that could easily be replaced with plain English. Intravenous anyone?