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Andrey Volk

Creating Internet Radio stations is my love.

I know how it works, how make one, what database should contain, how songs shuffle, how tracks overlay, how adv runs, how DTMFs go, what tones mean, what they for, how jingles fade in, how exactly audio data travel from a file through a codec to a clients player, what is redundancy, how it's hard to make it stable.

I use Linux, Windows Server, C++11, Boost library include Asio, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, jQuery. Here are my favourite stations worked under my own audio software: www.makradio.ru

I am programmer and very interested in new sound streaming solutions.

Digital Television 19-inch rack assembling and I: photo.

Member of IOGKF International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Federation. Brown belt.