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Been programming applications since 80s and websites since 90s.

Photography, electronics, and RC hobbyist.

Additional interests in robotics, graphic design.

All around experimenter.

Formal training in linguistics.

comment Does a student own, hold, possess, or something else a transcript?
Replace 'transcript' with 'car' and search ngrams of those. That doesn't prove anything. Have, own, hold and possess are practically synonyms. "Have" is just more common. In the case of a transcript, though. I would say you don't "own" it, as it is a record that belongs to the educational institution.
comment Does the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” exist?
@David Toh, it's primary usage is to make yourself sound precocious (if you say it loud enough)
comment How to pronounce “Zoubin Ghahramani”?
I seldom hear English speakers pronounce 'Kabul" correctly, putting the emphasis on the first syllable rather than the second. My point is that if you pronounce this in English it will never really be correct as it is not English. I am sure there are several acceptable pronunciations which will have various levels of acceptance depending on who you are speaking with.
comment “It's time everyone had access” or “It's time everyone has access”
@FumbleFingers, I disagree. It is not "easily answered by native speakers," since even you yourself say in the very next sentence, "I'm not really sure [why]."
comment The efficient use of space
@Blessed Geek: No, that would be claustrophobia; the fear of cramped spaces.
comment The efficient use of space
What? Did I get downvoted just because I made up a word? A completely sensible word. Man, I bet the same crap happened to the Bard too :(